COGEL Pop-Up Mentoring Program

Deadline for signing up to participate in PUMP: May 7th, 2021, 23:59 EDT.

Due to FASL30 being an online conference, we have not scheduled a specific time and place for mentors and mentees to meet. We leave it to paired mentors and mentees to find an appropriate time to meet.

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The Pop-Up Mentoring Program (PUMP) provdes on-site, one-off mentoring meetings at linguistics conferences around the world. It matches one or more mentees with mentors who can provide quick but personalized career advice to linguists at any stage, in any location, and in any career: anyone can be a mentee or mentor, the more the merrier. PUMP open to all, regardless of gender or career stage, and that the purpose of the mentoring sessions is to help more junior colleagues with a variety of potential problems and questions that arise in a professional context, such as work/life balance, minority status, and graduate or job applications.

Mentees report that it has been extremely valuable to meet with someone outside of their department to whom they can pose questions they feel they cannot discuss with their official mentors. Mentors report how enriching it has been to become familiar with a broader context in which to examine the field and their own official mentees’ experiences.

A few key notes about the program:

  1. This is a one-time session (i.e., the mentor is not signing on for a longer-term mentoring relationship);
  2. The mentee should come with a specific question or two to guide the session and make the most of it;
  3. The mentee should send the mentor some information about themselves and their question(s) ahead of time, but not expect that the mentor will have read this information prior to the meeting.

Additional information abou the Pop-Up Mentoring Program can be found here.